About Us

ExexExChurch is an ironic pornographic parody of an anti-porn site that has ironically appropriated porn to sell itself so it can stop people from looking at porn.

Oh yes, we're terribly post-post-post-modernist here.

This site is making fun of radical Christian groups who assert that internet porn is addictive and should be banned. It's laughing at crazy fundamentalists who believe that masturbation is evil and sex is a sin. It's pointing out that church attendance could well be a dangerous, addictive pastime.

Did we mention it's a PARODY site?

ExexExChurch also exists to sell porn… and to show the world that sexually explicit material can be diverse, empowering, and a positive expression of human sexuality.

This site is not attacking Christianity in itself. The target here is organized religion, and the absurdities and hatred peddled by fundamentalists. We see no reason why a person can't follow the peaceful teachings of Jesus while still enjoying a spot of self-loving every now and then.

To all those planning to send hate mail, why not spend your time helping a charity instead? Yes, we know this site means we're going straight to hell where we will eat nought but burning hot coals and drink naught but burning hot cola, where fiery demons will punch us in the back, where our souls will be chopped into confetti and be strewn upon a parade of murderers and single mothers... so don't bother telling us.

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