Masturbation Stations

Masturbation is the way to be saved! Here's some top quality masturbation-themed sites that we recommend.

Beautiful Agony is a unique site in the adult canon because it focuses only on people's faces as they orgasm. The videos and photos are all submitted by amateur masturbation fans and it really is an interesting (and erotic) experience to watch another person's face as they come.

I Feel Myself A more expansive site focusing on the female orgasm, I Feel Myself has amateur-created videos and some more professional-looking stuff. It features solo masturbation and couples. The focus is on positive representations of the orgasm and female sexuality.

Masturbation Page Communities devoted to masturbation, split along gender lines. These sites encourage discussion as well as exhibitionism and the focus is definitely on pleasure for everybody.

Just Masturbate A site focusing on female masturbation. It's all fairly mainstream, but the best thing about it is the free trial membership!

More Good Porn

Anti-porn campaigners love to depict all sexually explicit material as being depraved, devoid of emotion, demeaning to women, and dangerous. They even suggest that all porn has some kind of link to child porn. This is just not true. There are a large number of adult sites out there working to offer a vision of sexuality that is positive, realistic, intimate and emotional. Here's some sites that we recommend.

Couples Pleasure Dome lets you download and watch scenes from a wide range of DVD quality full-length adult movies. All the movies on this site have been chosen and vetted by a female reviewer so you know they're going to be high quality, with plots and great sex. The movies are all female and couples-friendly, and you also get access to every other site in the network. That's thousands of great movies!

For The Girls - this is an adult site for women. It presents sexually explicit material that caters to female fantasies. The couples pictorials show more than just hardcore sex; the focus is also on intimacy and interaction between the lovers. For The Girls also offers an entire women's magazine with articles on sexuality and health, sex advice, columnists, humor and erotic fiction.

Three Pillows - an independently run adult site catering to the bisexual community. Three Pillows shoots its own content, and also offers forums, articles and advice.

Mr Skin features huge vaults of information on celebrity nudity - reviews, discussions, bios, paparazzi photos and movie stills. Yes, you're perving on naked celebrities, but you're doing it artistically.

Abby Winters is an Australian site featuring amateur models posing solo as well as girl-girl action. There's real respect for the models and the photography is of a very high quality.

Sapphic Erotica is devoted to girl-girl sex. The male owner is a big fan of this type of content and he makes sure there's lots of kissing, cuddling and intimacy shown.

OK, OK, we know you just want to look at smut. So here's some... Mega Sites!

Hustler - Larry Flynt's famous magazine has a new life online.

Download Pass has thousands of downloadable feature movies from major studios covering a huge variety of tastes

And here's some more recommended porn sites

Fucking Machines - an amazing and unique site featuring home made sex machines

Combining Religion With Porn...

Fetish Hell - BDSM site

Or just check out the galleries and be SAVED...

Beautiful Agony

I Feel Myself


Couples Pleasure Dome

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