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Personal Shavers

I Feel Myself

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Masturbation Prevents Prostate Cancer
Frequent masturbation, particularly in the 20s, helps prevent prostate cancer later in life, according to Australian researchers.

Watching Porn Encourages Better Sperm
A phenomenon called "sperm competition" occurs when men watch heterosexual porn movies. Researchers found that the sperm of men on IVF swims faster after they have viewed porn.


Church and Cheesecake
Come on down and enjoy bikini-clad women and dessert as we attempt to change your evil ways...
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Cheese cake

Expert Warns On Hymnotoxins
Dr. Judith D. Bogeyman says church hymns can cause brain damage and subvert the First Amendment...
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Operation Church Stakeout
Discourage churchgoing through loudspeakers, placards and putting their photos on the net...
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exexExChurch Finds Its New Mascot
Meet our new mascot, Bob the Sexually Suggestive Wooden Massage Implement...

Proof That God Meant For Us to Masturbate
Years of research have proven that God wants us to spank the monkey
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Church and Cheesecake

Beautiful Agony


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